The best moves for gym battles & defenses

Here are the best fast/charge moves for gym battle & defense mostly based on DPS. Catching Pokemon having those moves are important for wining gym battles in Pokemon Go.
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update 23/08/2016

What kind of moves are powerful in Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, DPS and type effectiveness of the moves should be considered.
DPS indicates Damage Per Second. In Pokemon Go, both power and duration of the moves are important. DPS is calculated by using those two values.

The best 5 fast moves

Fast move (or basic move) is the main attack. The power of fast move is smaller than that of charge moves, but the duration is shorter.

Type Power DPS
Psycho Cut Psychic 15 26.3
Mud Shot Ground 12 21.8
Scratch Normal 10 20.0
Water Gun Water 10 20.0
Wing Attack Flying 12 16.0
  • Psycho Cut

    Psycho Cut's DPS is the highest along all the fast moves. There are many poison-type Pokemon which Psycho Cut is effective against to. Additionally, there are currently no dark-type Pokemon which the move is not effective against to.
  • Mud Shot

    High DPS and accuracy.
  • Scratch

    High DPS but no types which the move is effective against to.
  • Water Gun

    High DPS and accuracy.
  • Wing Attack

    High DPS and accuracy. Many of flying-type Pokemon can acquire the move.

The best 7 charge moves

Charge move (or special move) is triggered by spending energy bars. The power is higher but the duration is longer relative to fast move.

Type Power Energy DPS
Body Slam Normal 50 2 32.1
Cross Chop Fighting 55 1 27.5
Dragon Claw Dragon 40 1 25.0
Power Whip Grass 60 1 21.4
Aqua Tail Water 50 2 21.3
Earthquake Ground 60 1 14.3
Hyper Beam Normal 70 1 14.0
  • Body Slam

    This is the move with the highest DPS along all the moves in Pokemon GO. However, there are no types which the move is effective against to.
  • Cross Chop

    Very high DPS. Since the move is effective against to Normal-type Pokemon, Cross Chop is useful to beat Snorlax which use Body Slam.
  • Dragon Claw

    High DPS and accuracy. The move is effective against to Dragonite, one of the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go.
  • Power Whip

    High DPS. The move is effective against to types: Water, Rock, and Ground. There are many Pokemon with those types currently, so the move is useful to beat those Pokemon.
  • Aqua Tail

    High DPS and accuracy.
  • Earthquake

    High power and accuracy. Hard to dodge. Useful for gym defense which DPS is not important for.
  • Hyper Beam

    The highest power. Useful for gym defense and the lower DPS can be ignored.

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