Will Pokemon breeding be available in Pokemon Go?

By Pokemon breeding, players obtain eggs in Pokemon Game series. Is that feature going to be in Pokemon Go due to future update?
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update 05/08/2016

Pokemon breeding is one of the attractive features

Pokemon breeding is expected to be introduced into Pokemon Go. How will it be in Pokemon Go? Here is a study of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon breeding is now on the table

Breeding feature possibly will appear in Pokemon Go according to John Hanke

At the San Diego Comi-Con International 2016 held from July 21 to 24, John Hanke mentioned about the 'Pokemon breeding' feature in Pokemon Go as the following.

During a Q&A session, a fan asked about the possibility of breeding in Pokémon Go . Hanke called breeding a “great suggestion” that has been discussed among the team. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been confirmed as an upcoming feature.

Later on in the panel, Hanke added that only one tenth of what the team wanted in Pokémon Go actually made it into the game at launch. Perhaps if the game continues to be popular, we’ll all get those features.

Will be available due to future update?

Pokemon breeding is discussed now. When it is introduced to Pokemon Go is uncertain. As well as generation 2 Pokemon and Technical machine, Pokemon breeding might be a feature in Pokemon Go by update.

What will Pokemon breeding be in Pokemon Go?

As Pokemon players already know, Pokemon breeding is used to get a Pokemon egg in other Pokemon game series. It was introduce to Pokemon since Gold/Silver. By leaving two appropriate Pokemon at the breeding center, players can obtain an egg.

If the feature is available in Pokemon Go, getting an egg of Pokemon you want to get is easily obtained.

Is gender system introduced in Pokemon Go?

The gender of Pokemon is essential for breeding to get an egg. Usually eggs are obtained by breeding Pokemon of 2 different gender. If the breeding system is introduced to Pokemon Go, the gender system will be in as well.

How to catch a Ditto

Ditto for breeding

Ditto can produce eggs with any kind of Pokemon in other Pokemon game series.. That means you can get eggs by leaving Ditto and any Pokemon at the breeding center.

Where to find Ditto in Pokemon Go

Ditto has not been founded in Pokemon Go since the app launched. Since Ditto help players produce Pokemon eggs easily, Ditto is expected to appear in Pokemon Go due to future update as well as breeding.

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