How to use Potion & Revive items [Pokemon Go]

This page shows how to use potion items to heal HP of Pokemon and how to use revive items.
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update 23/08/2016

How to heal HP of Pokemon

After gym battles, your Pokemon may get injured or fainted. What should you do to heal and revive them all?

In Pokemon Go, you have to use healing items, Potion and Revive, to treat wound and revive fainted Pokemon because there is no Pokemon Centers which provides the service of healing Pokemon in other Pokemon game series.

Here are how to use to use items to heal and revive in Pokemon Go.


  • You cannot use healing items during gym battles in Pokemon Go.
  • Potion and Revive items can be found in PokeStops.

1. Opening item menue

Tap Pokeball-shaped icon to open menu, and them tap the icon named 'ITEMS'.

2. Select Potion or Revive

Now you see the list of items now you have. 3 Potions, 41 Super Potions, 23 Hyper Potions, and 29 Revives are in this bag.

3. Use Revive items

When a Revive selected, you see only fainted Pokemon. Just tapping the one of them to revive.

4. Use Potion items

Revive do not heal full of HP of Pokemon. To make if full, you may want to use Potion items.

How to obtain those items?

Here are links to our guides for getting Potions and Revives.

Will be the Pokemon Center build in Pokemon Go?

The Pokemon Center, facility offering the service for healing and reviving Pokemon for free, is built in Pokemon Go as updated. Look forward to visit the building.

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