Can I catch a wild Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?

Mewtwo, one of the legendary Pokemon, have not been seen by Pokemon Go players. How can I find a wild Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?
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update 23/08/2016

Where to find Mewtwo

Since Pokemon Go app launched, many Pokemon Go players have been looking for the legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo. However, where to get Mewtwo is uncertain currently. No information is announced by Niantic. It is expected to appear in events will be held in future. At the events, you may have an opportunity to get Mewtwo.

The video of catching Mewtwo


How to get Mewtwo is not addressed officially. Nevertheless, there are lots of videos of catching Mewtwo. Of course, those are fake but interesting to watch. Here is one of those videos.


1. Mewtwo appeared as a wild Pokemon

Mewtwo appeared with hidden CP value. The player was going to catch it.
As same as other wild Pokemon, a green circle pops up on Mewtwo.

2. Razz Berry given to Mewtwo

Mewtwo was given Razz Berry and increased its catch rate.

3. The Mewtwo was caught successfully

The Great Ball hit on the Mewtwo.
Yes, it was captured.
Lets's see how many XP and Candy gained.

4. XP, Stardust, and Candy obtained

The Pokemon Go player gained 100XP and 10XP for Curveball bonus and got 3 Mewtwo Canies.

5. Registered to Pokedex

So, the Pokemon Go player caught Mewtwo. How did he find and catch Mewtwo?

Is this Mewtwo fake?

You may have already noticed, the Mewtwo is fake. In the picture above, the Mewtwo has only 23 HP. The value is too low for the legendary Pokemon. Additionally, the green circle while the guy trying to capture the Mewtwo was weird. If the Mewtwo had 2000CP, the color o the circle should be red: indicating it is hard to get the Pokemon.

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