Legendary Pokemon

[Video] Ditto defeats Magmar, Gyarados, and Arcanine
Even though no information is officially announced, the video showing Ditto in a gym battle is uploaded to YouTube. The Ditto d...
[Video] Mew defeats Pinsir and two Vaporeons
Mew, one of the legendary Pokemons, defeats defenders, a Pinsir and two Vaporens, in the video.
[Video] Zapdos defeats Elctabuzz and Vaporeon
Zapdos, one of the three legendary birds, defeats two defenders: Electabuzz and Vaporeon in the video.
Pokemon Go Max CP Ranking!!
This is the highest possible CP value ranking in Pokemon Go. Who has the highest max CP? How about the lowest CP?
Pokemon Go Rumors: True or False
You may see many tricks and rumors of Pokemon Go on the internet. This page gives you what is exactly true and false rumors.
Can I catch a wild Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?
Mewtwo, one of the legendary Pokemon, have not been seen by Pokemon Go players. How can I find a wild Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?
How to get Master Ball: is it available in Pokemon Go?
Here are how to get Master Ball and the availability of Master Ball in Pokemon Go.
[Video] All legendary Pokemon in gym battles
The video showing Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Motlres, and Ditto in a gym battle of Pokemon Go is uploaded to Youtube.
[Video] Is the first Articuno caught in Pokemon Go?
Some one caught the first Articuno in Pokemon Go, even though nothing is officially, announced about legendary Pokemon.
[Battle] Moltres beats Golduck and Snorlax
The video showing a Moltres, one of the three legendary birds, in a gym battle is uploaded to YouTube. The Pokemon beats two de...


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There is no wild Mewtwo and Mew spawns
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