[Video] Mew defeats Pinsir and two Vaporeons

Mew, one of the legendary Pokemons, defeats defenders, a Pinsir and two Vaporens, in the video.
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update 21/08/2016

A Mew in a gym battle

A Mew, one of legendary Pokemon is founded in a gym battle in the video below (0:25 - 1:15). It defeats 3 defenders: a 625 CP Pinsir and a 818 CP Vaporeon, and a 2,449 CP Vaporen.



  • The CP of the attacker is the number next to the names of Pokemon.
  • Tap the name of Pokemon to see the details of it.

Mew (2134)



  • The CP of each defender is the number next to the names of Pokemon.
  • Tap the name of Pokemon to see the details of it.
Pinsir (625)
Vaporeon (818)
Vaporeon (2449)


Mew vs Pinsir

It is not sure that which fast move the Mew uses, but its DPS seems to be very high. Thr Pinsir uses Vice Grip, but it does not damage the Mew much because of the Pinsir's lower CP relative to the Mew.

Finally the attacker defeats the first defender with slight injury.

Mew vs Vaporeon (1)

The next defender is a Vaporeon and uses Water Gun. The fast move is famous for its higher DPS, but it cannot damage the Mew due to the Vaporeon's lower CP than that of the Mew as well as battle 1.

It is not sure that why the Vaporeon's water type move is not very effective against the psychic type Pokemon. Anyway, the Mew beats the Vaporeon easily.

Mew vs Vaporeon (2)

The third defender is also a Vaporeon, but it has higher CP than the last one. Its CP at 2449 is also higher than the Mew.

The attacker uses Hyper Beam, because his energy bar gets full for the last 2 battles. Hyper Beam is very high power move.

The Vaporeon uses Hydro Pump, and the Mew's HP gets decreased significantly. However, the Mew uses its fast move continuously and quickly, and finally win the battle 3 and take over the gym.


domenica moscoso
creo que mew no funciono mucho vaperoen es como un raton con un gato esta re mal asique no sabe nada de pokemon es invecil
<< Anonymous(domenica moscoso)
chris evans Reply
no creo que avengers se compare con eso avengers o los vengadores les ganarian en un instante
domenica moscoso
perdon por lo q dije pero es un in..... este tipo o tipa

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