Footprints & Pokemon location in Pokemon Go

This page notes what footprints in Pokemon Go means. You can track wild Pokemon based on foot steps.
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update 23/08/2016

What footprints exactly is

Footprints indicate how long the distance it between you and wild Pokemon. You are close to wild Pokemon as footprints decreases.

The number of footprints & the approximate distance to Pokemon

Footprints Distance (meters) Distance (miles)
no 0-40 0-0.02
1 41-75 0.02-0.04
2 75-100 0.04-0.06
3 100-200 0.06-0.12

Another one of Pokemon appears as time passes

Once another wild Pokemon appears around of you, nearby Pokemon data is updated.

Note: On July 27, tracking Pokemon by footprints function does not work. Footprints do not decrease from 3.

Pokemon location

The leaves on the map

You may see the leaves while you are walking around the map. The spot with leaves is where you can find wild Pokemon easily.

Pokemon do not stay in same place continuously

Since wild Pokemon may leave your location as time passes, you may capture rare Pokemon or Pokemon not registered Pokedex yet.

Lure Module & Incense

Lure Module & Incense attract Pokemon every 5 minutes withing 30 minutes. Attracted Pokemon stays only 2 and half minutes if you do not capture them.

Wild Pokemon can be shared by every Pokemon Go players.

Even if wild Pokemon caught by another Pokemon Go player, you can capture it in same place.

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