[Video] Wild 2000 CP Dragonite escaped!!

Dragonite is hard to see as a wild Pokemon. Finding a wild Dragonite, 2,000 CP besides, hardly happens.
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update 23/08/2016


1. Dragonite is found

The player in the video find a wild Dragonite near a gym. Since it rarely happens, he try to capture it by all means.

2. Over 2,000 CP!!

The CP of the Dragonite is 2,144 and that is very high. The player will not let it escape.

3. Razz Berry

To put the Dragonite in a good mood and increase capture rate, the player uses Razz Berry.

4. Ultra Ball

He fails to throw Ultra Ball to the Dragonite two times. The ball hits the Pokemon for the third time, but the Dragonite cannot be captured. He uses Razz Berry again ans try to capture it, but the Dragonite is too difficult to catch due to its high CP.

5. Impossible to catch

THe Dragonite repel a Ultra Ball. Even though some balls hits to the Dragonite, but the wild Pokemon gets itself free from the ball.

6. Escape

Finally, the wild 2,144 CP Dragonite runs away from the player unfortunately.

Tweets about a wild high CP Dragonite

I know it was only CP252 but a wild Dragonite !! @OMGitsAliA


Cought this Wild Dragonite @OMGitsAliA Now i need to find a snorlax or charzard #pokemongo


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There is no wild Mewtwo and Mew spawns
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